THE UPCYCL shares insights into circular economy on LOOP Forum

On April 25th, THE UPCYCL participated in LOOP Forum, an event that focused on advancing the circular economy through international collaboration. As a company that enables upcycling of waste materials on a large scale, we were excited to share our insights on how the circular economy can contribute to a more sustainable future.

The panel discussion was facilitated by Scottish Development International and included panelists from Ramboll, Danish Standard, Carbogenics, and THE UPCYCL. Our CEO, Rikke Ullersted, spoke about the importance of upcycling waste materials and the circular economy in general.

We believe that the circular economy has the potential to transform the way we consume and produce goods, creating a more sustainable future for all. By enabling upcycling of waste materials on a large scale, we not only avoid sending waste to landfills but also create new products with less environmental impact than those made from virgin materials.

During the panel discussion, we also emphasized the importance of international collaboration in scaling circular solutions. The challenges we face in building a circular economy are global, and we need to work together to find solutions that can be implemented on a larger scale.

Overall, LOOP Forum was a fantastic opportunity for us to share our insights into the circular economy and learn from other experts in the field. We are grateful to the LOOP Forum organization and Scottish Development International for organizing this event and bringing people from various sectors together to work toward a more sustainable future.

As a company, we are committed to promoting the circular economy and sustainable practices. We believe that events like LOOP Forum are essential in creating a collaborative environment where we can strive for a more sustainable future for everyone.

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