THE UPCYCL and DI - Digital Unite at Slush'D Conference

THE UPCYCL and Danish Industry (DI) joined forces at the Slush'D conference on October 13, 2022. The two companies participated in the conference to showcase their innovative solutions for the waste crisis and assist entrepreneurs and investors in making the right decisions for their businesses.

THE UPCYCL participated in the conference alongside DI to present their innovative approach to waste management. THE UPCYCL's CEO, Rikke Ullersted, and COO, Katja Meyer, were present at the joint booth to share their vision for a more sustainable future and their unique business model that enables upcycling of waste materials on a large scale through its Buyer and Supplier Members.

THE UPCYCL is excited to have teamed up with DI - Digital at Slush'D 2022 to promote sustainability and our unique approach to waste management. Our partnership with Danish Industry is a testament to our shared commitment to creating a more sustainable future for all.
Rikke Ullersted, Founder of THE UPCYCL

THE UPCYCL's innovative approach to waste management aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and promotes a circular economy by reducing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

DI is ready to assist entrepreneurs and investors in making the right decisions for their businesses, with over 35,000 decisions made every day. They were present at Slush'D 2022 to provide guidance and support to participants and offer solutions to the challenging decisions that entrepreneurs and investors face.

"Our presence at Slush'D 2022 is evidence of our commitment to helping entrepreneurs and investors make informed decisions for their businesses," said a DI Digital representative.

Slush'D attendees visited the Dansk Industri and THE UPCYCL booth to learn more about the companies' solutions and explore potential partnerships. The companies were excited to meet entrepreneurs, investors, and curious participants to discuss their vision of a more sustainable future and help them make the right decisions for their businesses.

Way Finding with New Waste Materials

At Slush'D, one could see evidence of how New Waste can be used in a simple and direct way. THE UPCYCL's Supplier member, Stoko Plast, had provided New Waste acrylic sheets to the organizers of Slush'D, StartUp Aarhus. By writing on the signs with chalk markers, StartUp Aarhus can reuse the signs for other events.

It's a straightforward solution that proves it doesn't have to be complicated to use waste materials for things like Way Finding.

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