“What A Waste” Exhibition: New Waste Sets the Stage

In the 'What a Waste' exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center, THE UPCYCL has built the entire exhibition using upcycled materials. These materials, known as New Waste materials, include textiles, PVC tarpaulins, and acrylic sheets, all supplied by member companies of THE UPCYCL.

The textiles are from surplus textile production at the Pana sewing workshop and have been transformed into curtains for the film installation in the exhibition.

The PVC tarpaulins are leftover materials from Flexsign and have been recycled to create side panels in the film installation.

Finally, acrylic sheets from the company Stoko Plast have been used to create exhibition panels.

The construction of the 'What a Waste' exhibition beautifully illustrates the countless opportunities that the use of New Waste materials provides. The message of the exhibition is clear – by using waste materials from Danish industry in new projects, we can reduce waste, CO2 emissions, and the consumption of newly produced materials.

Visitors to the exhibition can explore specific cases from THE UPCYCL's member companies that are presented and examine the elements that the exhibition itself is built from. These elements are created from materials that would otherwise have been waste but now, in a beautiful way, set the stage and atmosphere for the exhibition.

The purpose of the exhibition is to inspire designers, architects, and builders to integrate these New Waste materials into their future projects. Additionally, the exhibition design itself serves as a source of inspiration for others who wish to create exhibitions using sustainable materials.

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