New Waste on LOOP Forum

Not only did we hold a reception in Nordhavn last week, but we also spent two days at LOOP - Waste To Resources, where we brought the entire THE UPCYCL team, a lot of New Waste materials, and two different cases. Because if there's one thing we're good at in THE UPCYCL, it's paving the way as we go!

Both Wednesday and Thursday, we met many dedicated people with a passion for the circular economy and a keen interest in THE UPCYCL and our work with waste materials. We encountered like-minded entrepreneurs and businesspeople as well as creative designers and innovative engineers, all of whom had good questions and great respect for our circular adventures.

To make our entire business model much more tangible for all the participants at the fair, we brought two cases that precisely illustrate how New Waste materials from industrial production can be turned into beautiful designs. We brought, among other things, the Rhombe floor design, created through a member match between Wiking Gulve and Whynature. Additionally, we brought a reinterpretation of a Friis & Moltke classic, which was created through another member match, and we will reveal more about it in our cases very soon. Our showcased cases clearly made an impression on the visitors to our booth, who suddenly could see how New Waste materials can be integrated back into the value chain and create high-end products, despite their previous "status" as waste, discards, or offcuts.

We thank everyone for the motivating conversations and thank all the other talented companies for dreaming as big as we do. There's something we can all agree on: We can only be circular together.

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