New Showroom in Aarhus

A mint-colored player joins the green field as we open a new showroom focusing on material circulation at Jægergårdsgade 59a in the heart of Aarhus.

When THE UPCYCL's showroom opens its doors for a housewarming event on March 9-11, our registered guests can look forward to stepping into a space filled with imaginative materials - materials that would have otherwise been discarded. Our New Waste showroom is filled with waste materials from our many industrial member companies.

With the signature mint color on the floor and our mascot "Mr. Up" on the wall, there is no hiding the fact that we are appealing to the creative industry in the city. Designers and architects from near and far are exactly who we aim to inspire with the opening of our showroom. By making New Waste materials physically accessible, we aim to change the mindset of developers right from the design process.

We need to reach the designers before their stream of thought gains momentum. They should start with an assessment of the available materials, rather than the current process where design comes first, and materials are an afterthought.
Rikke Ullersted, CEO & Founder, THE UPCYCL

With a central location in Aarhus, we hope to kickstart a local symbiosis where our New Waste showroom can match the continuous surplus materials from local production companies with local designers or development firms that can use them in their projects.

A showroom with high ceilings

The new showroom in the middle of Jægergårdsgade is intended to serve various functions in the long term. We aim to make it possible to book a physical meeting in our New Waste showroom and make it accessible to designers and developers by appointment. For example, a design company in need of materials for a project should be able to book a meeting in our showroom, where there is time to explore all our New Waste materials while receiving assistance from our material-savvy staff. The showroom in Jægergårdsgade can also be booked for workshops, sketching, brainstorming, or for events that can help accelerate the circular use of materials both in and outside the city.

If you see other potential uses for the showroom, we would love to hear from you!

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