It's Official - THE UPCYCL opens showroom in Copenhagen

Finally, it's official: THE UPCYCL has opened in Copenhagen, and we've brought all our New Waste materials with us.

It all kicked off on Wednesday, April 27th, where we invited our guests to raise a toast with us in champagne and celebrate the creation of our new showroom at EDDA Studio in Nordhavn. We've brought a bit of "Smilets By" (the City of Smiles, referring to Aarhus) with us in the form of Jutlandic dialects and materials that can also be described as being in a "Jutlandic" price range, which is quite fitting, considering the new address is Århusgade 131. Nothing could be more perfect!

Just like our New Waste showroom in Aarhus, our showroom in Copenhagen is meant to inspire and make the material process more tangible in the Danish design and architecture industry. At THE UPCYCL, our mission is to circulate materials between production and development, so the supply chain consists of upcycled items to a greater extent. Already at our reception, the creative decision-makers seemed ready to incorporate New Waste materials into their projects, so for us, there's no doubt: the industry is ready for the circular economy, and Copenhagen is ready for THE UPCYCL! But we were not in doubt about that. Now, our next step is probably the rest of the world? We are certainly ready to advocate for material circulation. Because we can only be circular together!

We staff the showroom every Tuesday and Wednesday (for now), and you can book a meeting and material presentation online.

You are also welcome to explore our New Waste materials on your own any day during EDDA Studio's opening hours.

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