Industrial Waste Calculator

Do you know the value of your industrial waste?

There are likely many manufacturing companies that don't, and as a result, they end up throwing away gold in the trash container every single day. That's why we at THE UPCYCL have developed a brand new tool where manufacturing companies can test whether their industrial waste has value and potential to be reused by other businesses.

How does it work?

Simply hop over to the Industrial Waste Calculator and fill out a simple form step by step.

If your manufacturing company generates various types of industrial waste, you can run through the calculator multiple times to get a comprehensive assessment of your different industrial waste materials.

Once you've provided all the necessary information and uploaded a picture of your industrial waste material, we'll conduct a thorough valuation of its value and recycling potential. Additionally, we'll provide you with an estimated price you can expect to sell it for.

If your leftover material turns out to be suitable for upcycling and you're interested in getting your industrial waste material out of the container and into circulation, you can book a meeting with us to learn more about THE UPCYCL community.

Are you part of a manufacturing company and curious to find out if your waste material can be circulated?

Then take the test now: Industrial Waste Calculator

THE UPCYCL values the confidentiality of your information and guarantees that it remains 100% secure.

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