MAKER and THE UPCYCL Boost Circular Entrepreneurship

Sustainability and creativity go hand in hand in the modern world of product development, and when THE UPCYCL and Maker join forces, it creates opportunities for innovation and circular economy.

Maker, a workshop dedicated to promoting physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development, has partnered with THE UPCYCL to bring new sustainable dimensions to Maker's work.

We are excited to partner with THE UPCYCL as it gives our members an even more sustainable approach to material selection. This collaboration enables innovation in both the design and production phase and ensures that future products will be more sustainable than ever before
Malte Hertz Jansen, Managing Director of the Maker Association

A step towards a sustainable future

Maker is an entrepreneurial workshop that aims to create the optimal framework for physical entrepreneurship and sustainable product development through experimentation and knowledge exchange across the EU and in Maker's member-based workshop, V-10.

New life for waste materials

A key part of the collaboration between Maker and THE UPCYCL revolves around the recycling of materials. THE UPCYCL has made a selection of New Waste materials available to Maker, opening up new creative possibilities for members. This approach reflects a commitment to promoting the circular economy and encouraging designers and architects to think outside the box when it comes to material selection.

As an additional benefit for future members who wish to join the Maker's community, an exclusive 10% discount on membership is offered if they sign up through THE UPCYCL.

If you want to become a part of Maker or want to know more about the collaboration, please contact us here.

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