3daysofdesign Recap: THE UPCYCL's Focus on Resource Efficiency

After three fantastic days, 3daysofdesign is now over, and it was a huge success for THE UPCYCL. We were present at three different locations, leaving our mark on the festival: Circular Furniture DaysDanish Architecture Center, and our brand new showroom in the heart of Copenhagen.

Circular Furniture Days, held in the beautiful museum garden at the Designmuseum Danmark, was a true showcase for New Waste materials and circular solutions. The event was organized by the Lifestyle & Design Cluster, and it provided us with the opportunity to present our contributions and engage in inspiring conversations with fellow circular thinkers. It was a unique occasion to explore and highlight the innovative materials and solutions we are so proud of.

At the Danish Architecture Center, we proudly opened the exhibition: "What A Waste". This exhibition runs until October 29th, so there is still ample opportunity to experience it. The exhibition presents a wide range of solutions created by companies that have integrated our New Waste materials into their supply chains as a substitute for newly produced materials. It's a celebration of sustainability, innovation, and recycling, and we are delighted to share our story and inspire others to think circularly.

One of the highlights was undoubtedly the inauguration of our brand-new showroom at Farvergade 4D in Copenhagen. With great pleasure, we showcased our members' innovative circular solutions and presented our New Waste materials up close. It was a unique opportunity for visitors to gain insight into our vision, our products, and the aesthetics that can be achieved through upcycling.

3daysofdesign provided an exceptional platform for us to share our commitment to circular design production and our dedication to the circular economy. We thank all our visitors, members, and everyone who participated in the festival for their support and interest in our work. We look forward to continuing our journey towards a more circular future together with all of you.

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