New Waste Sparks Local Creativity at Aarhus Festuge

When the action group Frederiksbjerg Spirer contacted THE UPCYCL with plans to design an urban space with furniture and solutions built from leftover materials from members, there was no doubt. Of course, they had to buy New Waste materials that Frederiksbjerg residents could use to build urban furniture.

In the weeks leading up to Aarhus Festuge 2022, it was clear that Ingerslev Plads was about to become something other than the usual parking lot. During Aarhus Festuge itself, the square was buzzing with creative energy and the urban space showcased a new aesthetic for temporary urban spaces built on local engagement - by the citizens themselves. 

Frederiksbjerg locals Jeppe Spure (Urban Space Activist in Frederiksbjerg) and Line Toft (LabLand Architects) were some of the people behind the urban space project at Ingerslev Plads. They contacted THE UPCYCL early on in the design process to base drawings of the square's furniture on the existing dimensions and qualities of New Waste materials from THE UPCYCL members. Everything is also designed and built with the idea of sending it on for use elsewhere or easy disassembly after use.

The project used New Waste wood from Vinderup Træ Industri (VTI), Superwood and composite boards from UVEDA for the stage, seating, signs and waste racks. The materials from the stage and waste racks were recycled by local citizens, and the seating has been used by other associations and businesses in Aarhus - one of them has actually made its way into THE UPCYCL's courtyard environment in Jægergårdsgade.

The events at Ingerslev Plads during the festival week concluded with a conversation between Anne Mette Boye (Aarhus City Architect) and our very own Bitten Jakobsen (THE UPCYCL), facilitated by Line Toft (LabLand Architects). The conversation focused on citizen involvement in Aarhus' urban spaces, local symbioses between citizens, associations and businesses, circular economy in practice and the future of Ingerslev Plads.

Read more about Ingerslev Plads on Frederiksbjerg and Langenæs Fællesråd's website.

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