Transforming Discarded Wood into Stunning Outdoor Planters

THE UPCYCL matches Superwood and Squarely in a collaboration, where surplus wood transforms into aesthetic, weather resistant outdoor planters. We are always excited when our members join forces and make a meaningful impact.

Repurposing materials into functional products

Both members committed to building a more sustainable future repurpose discarded pine wood. These planters stand as a testament to our joint efforts to repurpose materials into circular solutions.

A beautiful circular collaboration and product

This collaboration isn't just about products; it's about a shared vision for a greener future. 

In this collaboration discarded Scandinavian Superwood is used as Outdoor Planters in the new Unfold Collection from the Interior brand, Squarely.

The planters are resilient in earthy colors, crafted from discarded superwood that will withstand all weather conditions.

A big congratulations to both our members, Squarely and Superwood.

If you also see opportunities to implement New Waste material, please contact us at, or have a look at our  New Waste materials.

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