From Used Banners to Unique Merchandise

Circular Resource Utilization

Pillowtalks and Flexsign have come together to create a unique solution. The Flexsign advertising banners that would normally end up as waste after use are now transformed into stylish and practical merchandise through the Pillowtalks design approach.

This collaboration is not only a win-win for Pillowtalks and Flexsign, but also for companies that previously didn't know what to do with their used banners. Now they have the opportunity to turn waste materials into valuable products through this collaboration. It represents a step towards a circular economy where resources are recycled and reused, extending the lifespan of materials and reducing both waste and CO2 emissions.

Flexsign and Pillowtalks invite other companies to join this sustainable collaboration. By sending their used banners to Pillowtalks for recycling, companies can contribute to the creation of circular products and reduce their environmental footprint. Contact Henrik from Flexsign at for more information and to get started.

About Pillowtalks and Flexsign

Pillowtalks designs and manufactures furniture that is characterized by its high durability and minimal maintenance requirements to preserve its aesthetic and functional qualities over time. Pillowtalks products do not require waterproofing, UV protection or protection from rain.

Flexsign has more than 10 years of experience with unique and flexible advertising solutions for trucks, garbage trucks, containers, signs and more.

We see that our customers in both the private and public sectors need to think sustainably everywhere - including banners and marketing. At Flexsign, we want to help with this, and we are happy to have THE UPCYCL as a springboard for take-back solutions and as a gateway to the circular economy.
Henrik Nyborg, Sales Director at Flexsign

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