Off-cuts become sign-holders for Rosendahl

Another circular match has been found! This time it is between the design house Rosendahl Design Group and Herskind Savværk.

Instore & Exhibition - the exhibition department - at Rosendahl Design Group approached THE UPCYCL earlier this year, as they wanted more of their well-known brands and design products to be exhibited in and with upcycled wood. This resulted in a membership at THE UPCYCL, where we as a sourcing partner immediately went on the hunt for wood in our member network. The hunt stopped at the company Herskind Savværk, which had continuous residual offcuts in beech, which Rosendahl promptly fell in love with. A green match was quickly made between the Danish design giant and Herskind Sawmill, which produces large orders of door frames on a daily basis. 

Rosendahl brought the beech tree back to the drawing board, and after a short design process it was produced by our 3rd member company NORTO. Thus, Herskind Sawmill's residual offcuts became a beautiful substitute for the conventional material in a sign holder for Kay Bojesen.  It's that easy to turn New Waste materials into good business!

But that's just the beginning: Soon, products from Rosendahl, Kähler Design, Holmegaard, Bjørn Wiinblad, Arne Jacobsen, Lyngby Porcelain and Juna will also stand out on New Waste materials at trade fairs and in shop windows around the country.

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