Letters Light the Way for DM in Skills

In photo: Markus Borre Christensen, Sami Cheikh & Lasse Koitsch

When participants and curious spectators find their way to the Danish Skills Championships, they are guided by an installation worthy of Hollywood.

DM i Skills 23 will be held over the coming days in Fredericia, where talented students from the country's vocational training programs will compete in their subjects. The competition is a recurring event, which this year takes place in Fredericia. The installation is for the first time at DM i Skills, and in the future it will meet the guests when they visit DM i Skills.

We wanted to make something that is eye-catching and that we ourselves think looks nice and aesthetic. In addition, we also wanted to try to integrate a green mindset, so we have been looking for what we could do that involves vocational training and has a green profile.
Rikke Hvid, Project Manager, Fredericia Municipality

The letters are made from leftover materials sourced from THE UPCYCL. The OSB boards that form the core of the letters have now been given new life through expert treatment. OSB boards are ideal for a project like this, and they they adorn the waterfront in Middelfart in connection with the Climate Summit.

The moldings on the letters are made from leftover material from the carpentry course, where the wood from the apprentices' projects can be reused in new projects. In addition, all the letters are illuminated, so the installation is not to be missed at the championships. 

The idea behind it is that we can use some of our leftover material. The end of the stick that is on the outside of the letter is something we cut out of all our leftovers and scraps, and everything that they have used in all the main courses here at the carpenters.
Søren Thams Paulsen, Internship instructor, HANSENBERG

The upcycled letters are produced by carpenter apprentices from HANSENBERG, who also represent several participants at the Danish Championships. They have produced both a set of letters for the town hall square in Fredericia and of course for Messe C, where DM i Skills takes place. The letters have already been allowed to decorate the squares throughout January, but they will really come into their own in the coming days when DM i Skills 23 takes place.

"The apprentices think it's great when they make something that someone can use, rather than just throwing it in the dumpster", says Søren Thams Paulsen, Internship instructor, HANSENBERG.

If you want to see the installation in Fredericia for yourself, you can visit DM i Skills in Messe C from February 2-4 free of charge. Here, of course, you can also experience the excitement of the competitions and watch the most talented students from vocational training programs being awarded. 

Next year, the letters will continue their journey to Roskilde, where they will welcome guests to DM in Skills 2024.

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