Krabbesholm Embraces Zero-Waste Principles in Design

Design students from Krabbesholm Folk High School have built sheet metal furniture out of New Waste materials. The furniture is made from pine boards from VTI, which THE UPCYCL delivered to the school.

Photo: Camilla Brix Jensen, Krabbesholm

The students at Krabbesholm have worked according to the zero-waste principle and minimal waste in their designs. In this way, the students use circular New Waste materials with a focus on not creating waste in their own production.

Photo: Camilla Brix Jensen, Krabbesholm

With the sheet metal furniture, Krabbesholm also shows how simple it is to change old habits and implement residual materials in design and production. It is particularly obvious as an educational institution to use New Waste in connection with the students' productions, as the students are thus trained to incorporate the use of residual materials in their designs. At the same time, you do not have to compromise on the quality of your designs, as New Waste materials are of the same good quality as you know from newly produced materials.

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Read more about Krabbesholm Højskole's design subject Flat, shape, color, plate, furniture here.

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