KOSTBART workshop: create stools from New Waste

Industrial waste materials were the building blocks presented to the participants at the KOSTBART workshop, where they had to create stools in just two days.

KOSTBART is a project by Foreningen MAKER, with a focus on creating better conditions for physical entrepreneurship. This hands-on two-day course on circular design brought together 25 young people aged 16-30 in both a workshop and a lecture hall to delve into sustainable and circular production.

KOSTBART is our tool for promoting physical entrepreneurship, and we do that by... building stools. We focus on circular design and our responsibility towards the planet".
Siri Bahlenberg, Course and Project Manager at the Foreningen Maker.
We had participants who had never held power tools in their hands, participants who had always wanted to but never dared to work in a workshop, and those who are already creative but wanted to add a new layer to their work. Everyone could participate, and everyone ultimately took home a stool.
Malte Hertz Jansen, Managing Director of Foreningen MAKER

On the final day, our very own THE UPCYCL representative, Christoffer Søholm, joined the expert panel and provided feedback on the participants' finished stools, as well as engaged in discussions about the use of residual materials and the principles of the circular economy."

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