From Sunshades to Upcycling Art at Beder School

Photo: Kasper Hornbæk

Stoko Plast in Lem focuses on recycling leftovers from their production. From time to time, acrylic sheets occur that cannot be used for their original purpose due to small defects in the form of air bubbles in the surface.

Stoko Plast are members of THE UPCYCL and have their leftover materials promoted in our material exchange. Our other member Ida Marie Lebech saw the acrylic sheets and quickly ordered material for testing and prototyping. 

It worked perfectly and the site-specific artwork for Beder School could be created. After a puzzle and millimetre-precise installation, the artwork is now installed to the delight of children, teachers and other visitors to the school.

Det cirkulerede akryls små luftbobler i overfladen fortæller samtidig også om den tidligere tiltænkte brug af materialet og dens rejse fra en industriel produktion til kunstværk.

The work deals with the relationship of the layers to each other and will figuratively also refer to the layers of the school's architecture and culture.
Ida Marie Lebech,

It is a student ideas competition, which later became the basis for the title of the work. 

Photo: Kasper Hornbæk
Photo: Kasper Hornbæk
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