From designer sofa to children's shoes

Muuto is a worldwide design company that specializes in the Scandinavian design tradition. As part of Muuto's increasing focus on sustainability, they have a strong desire to make the best possible use of residual materials from their production. 

When Muuto designs sofas, leather offcuts come in different sizes and batches. These leather scraps still have huge potential. A potential that childrenswear developer Pyk Copenhagen has managed to unlock in collaboration with THE UPCYCL. 

Muuto and Pyk Copenhagen were brought together through THE UPCYCL's platform, which makes it easier for companies to get their remnants exposed. It can be difficult to find each other's residual materials if you operate in different industries. And it can be even more difficult to have an overview of the possibilities for utilizing your residual materials. THE UPCYCL  helps solve this challenge.

Leather scraps are one of the materials where it makes the most sense to extend its lifespan, as the material is incredibly resource-intensive to produce. The process from skin to leather hide is very long and laborious.

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