Signage and Wayfinding from Countertop Leftovers

Maker and the workshop V-10 have utilized compact laminate for signage production and wayfinding throughout their building area.

The Compact laminate used for the signages at Maker is a New Waste-material sourced by THE UPCYCL from the member, PFP.

For many years, PFP has been known as "The Danish countertop specialist," producing and selling custom-made countertops in laminate, solid wood, Dupont™ Corian®, compact laminate, granite, composite stone, Ceramic, FormaCor, glass, and steel.

Leftovermaterials from PFP's countertop production are repurposed as New Waste in THE UPCYCL's physical and digital showroom, which is accessible to other companies that can make use of it, as was the case with the Maker.

At Maker / V-10, we constantly strive to replace our use of new materials with more circular alternatives. Working with New Waste-materials is exciting, as it consistently challenges us to rethink our approach to design and production - with materials at the center and as the starting point for the construction and design itself.
Asger Nørregård Rasmussen, Community & Lab Manager, Foreningen Maker.

The laser-cut signs in compact laminate stand out beautifully and are also weather-resistant, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage.

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