Furniture Series Built on Commercially Scalable Waste

New Composition_Perfume Chair

NEW COMPOSITION is a new furniture series from the Copenhagen-based design studio Better Weather. The furniture series is created from industrial waste of MDF boards, sourced through THE UPCYCL.

The collection is inspired by craftsmanship and furniture from the Shaker culture, characterized by an ascetic approach to both form and material. The MDF boards are cut into strips and then arranged in a supporting 3D structure. This method maximizes the amount of material used while minimizing the production's own waste.

The design duo's background in art and graphic design is clearly reflected in their new collection. The MDF strips are painted and arranged in a structure that creates color compositions, becoming integral to the visual expression.

New Waste Material MDF

MDF Plates - a Offcut and Industrial Waste Material

New Waste MDF from THE UPCYCL is an industrial waste material that comes in a continuous flow, is uniform, and standardized, ensuring that Better Weather can rely on the material in their new furniture collection. The MDF boards originate from large-scale production within the furniture industry, and THE UPCYCL prevents this valuable material from ending up as waste.

Product-specific details

The furniture is made of MDF, dowels, wood glue, hemp yarn, decorative screws, and water-based paint. The chair's graphic and tight expression is contrasted by the tactile and subdued character of the hemp yarn. The woven seat, iconic to Danish design tradition, is placed in a new material context with the painted MDF strips. 

NEW COMPOSITIONS are available in three color variants, each celebrating icons significant to the design duo. 

  • New Compositions_ PALADS pays tribute to the Danish artist Poul Gernes, known for his color embellishments of buildings. 
  • New Compositions_ ANDY’s is inspired by the facade of the iconic bar in the center of Copenhagen.
  • New Compositions_ Parfume is a homage and fascination of a perfume bottle that belonged to Anne's mother. The color harmony is based on childhood memories of this 80s perfume bottle in shades of pink and coral. All furniture is designed for easy assembly/disassembly.
New Compositions_ PALADS Chair

The New Composition collection is a strong example of a circular supply chain that endures! Better Weather has incorporated THE UPCYCL's New Waste material early in their design process, representing innovative design thinking of the highest circular caliber.

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