A Classic Brought to Life Through Circular Cooperation

Anno Studio launches a circular version of architectural firm Friis & Moltke's  FM630 stool. The stool's four legs are made from industrial waste from the production of sack trucks at Ravendo, sourced by THE UPCYCL.

Anno Studio

Danish furniture manufacturer Anno Studio, whose mission is to preserve and pass on design classics to the next generation, is a dear member of THE UPCYCL. In connection with Anno Studio's relaunch of the acclaimed Series 600 furniture from architects Friis & Moltke, Anno Studio came with a request for materials. THE UPCYCL found a 'match made in heaven' at industrial company Ravendo.

Ravendo A/S

Like many other industrial companies, Ravendo has an efficient assembly line production and buys materials in large quantities, resulting in industrial waste. Ravendo takes great responsibility for acting sustainably, which is why they could also see a value in being a member of THE UPCYCL. And with a membership, Ravendo has the opportunity to ensure that their waste materials are transformed.

We are a member of THE UPCYCL because the concept is very well aligned with our goal of becoming more sustainable. We are a member of THE UPCYCL because we want to support the sustainable use of resources in the future. It is a meaningful collaboration that fits in well with our responsibility, our work with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the increasing demands from our customers and business partners.
CEO & co-owner of Ravendo, Tobias G. Nielsen.

Relaunching in a circular way and true to the spirit of design

The four legs of the FM630 stool are made from four steel tube scraps from Ravendo's production, assembled in a newly developed joint. The choice of materials for the four legs of the stool has been made with a very conscious focus on preserving the original choice of materials. The materials give the stool a special robustness, weight and simplicity, which helps to create an expression of form that is true to Friis & Moltke's brutalist design tradition, while at the same time being circular.

Anno Studio focuses on relaunching the acclaimed Series 600 furniture from architects Friis & Moltke with respect for the original 1960s design. At the same time, Anno Studio contributes with a renewal of the classics, where, in the case of the FM630 stool, circular thinking has been applied, which is to the great delight of THE UPCYCL. The stool has an extra layer of meaning in the form of belonging to the principles of circular economy, where in the creation process, care has been taken to ensure that sub-elements and materials have been transformed.

Through THE UPCYCL we have been given the opportunity to create a stool from leftover materials. We believe that this circularity strengthens our narrative of the product, while also giving us the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable furniture production. For us, it is extremely important to make circular products that also help create and strengthen our DNA. For us, THE UPCYCL is spot on! And we see great value in entering into a circular collaboration through our membership at THE UPCYCL.
CEO of Anno Studio, Søren Andersen.

Texture, use and function of the stool

It's not just the legs of the stool that are made from industrial waste. The seat is made from plywood from leftover offcuts from the mass production of tables. The material combination of the soft wood and the robust material is contrasting and speaks to a modern look. Both the legs and seat are available in nine different colors, making it possible to create an individual design. The stool's context of use is optimal as an extra seat. In addition, the design of the stool also makes it suitable as a small side table. It is embedded in the function of the stool that it is easy to stack and move around.

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